Electronic communication

The City of Rinteln offers possibilities for electronic communication.

For the area of ​​administrative procedures, electronic communication is governed by § 3a of the Administrative Procedure Act and by the amendment of the Niedersachsen Administrative Procedure Act effective as of 29.12.2004. Accordingly the transmission of electronic documents is permitted if the recipient has opened an access to them.


The City of Rinteln has opened this access in accordance with the following technical conditions for electronic communication:


1.  Mail address

The following e-mail address has been set up for electronic communication by e-mail: stadtverwaltung@rinteln.de

The e-mail address given in the imprint for the provider identification is not identical to this e-mail address for which the access for electronic communication has been opened.

In addition, you will find in our website and on our letterhead further e-mail addresses of individual departments or persons. You can also send e-mails to these addresses.

2.  File formats

If you would like to send e-mails with attachments to the administration, please note that the administration cannot support all common file formats and applications on the market. The following file formats can be processed:

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)

Rich Text Format (.rtf)

Microsoft Word (.doc)

Microsoft EXCEL (.xls)

Microsoft Power Point (.ppt)

Joint Picture Export Group (.jpg or .jpeg)

Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)

Windows Bitmap (.bmp)

Tagged Image File Format (.tif)

Coreldraw (.cdr.)

If you use different file formats, please contact the recipient of the e-mail. It is possible that the mail cannot be processed.

Please note that this list is continually updated!

3.  Encryption

To ensure the confidentiality of communication, the City of Rinteln offers the possibility of encrypted transmission of e-mails. Legally binding declarations cannot currently be given in this way. If you are nevertheless interested in the use of qualified signatures, please contact your contact partner Mr. Morawitz.

-  The encryption methods S/MIME and PGP are supported.

-  For encryption with S/MIME you need a certificate that you can obtain from some trust centers free of charge.

-  To use PGP encryption, you must first install GnuPP or PGP on your computer. The free program GnuPP and further information can be found at the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology.

-  If there are any problems with the decryption of your e-mail, we will contact you if you are identifiable as the sender.

Please use our public key (S/MIME or PGP) when communicating with your City of Rinteln contact partner. If your e-mail system does not support this, send your encrypted message directly to the address stadtverwaltung@rinteln.de. Your e-mail will be decrypted and forwarded to the in-house recipient.

S/Mime Schlüssel

PGP Schlüssel

For questions about electronic communication with the City of Rinteln, please contact:


Roman Brzank

Email: r.brzank@rinteln.de

Phone: +495751 403-236

4.  Signature

For technical and organizational reasons, the City of Rinteln is currently unable to verify the authenticity and validity of electronic signatures.

As a result, you will not be able to submit documents in electronic form that are subject to a written form requirement. We therefore ask you to switch to paper-based communication in these cases.


These instructions are only valid for communication with the City of Rinteln and do not apply to references to offerings from third parties, such as other authorities.


If an e-mail is not processable, you will be informed by the recipient. This case might be caused e.g. by computer viruses, general technical problems or deviations from the above-mentioned technical conditions.